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Renaissance Now Corporation levels the playing field for talented underprivileged artists
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The Renaissance staff are highly dedicated bunch of young entreprenure, who want to make a difference by leveling the playing field for talented underprivileged artists. Their high energy good karma is backed by a number of highly experienced Silicon valley veterans.
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  Bhaskar   Shirley  
  Joseph   Simon  
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Susmita mitra

Susmita is an experienced program manager. She has managed many multisite high value computer hardware and software projects for Apple, BEA Weblogic, Philips Semiconductor, She is an active philanthropist. Interior decoration is her hobby. Susmita holds a Masters in Computer Application from Birla Institute of Technology, India.

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Radhika mitra

Radhika is an young entrepreneur with strong desire to give back to society. She has founded Renaissance Now Corporation while a high school student. She has also founded DoSomething Club in Fremont, California. She is a columnist and reporter for Do Something organization.

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ritwika mitra

Ritwika is youngest officer of Renaissance Now Corporation. She meticulously plans and manages all meetings, communications and logistics. She is also the chief videographer for Renaissance Now Corporation. Ritwika loves to sing, plays piano and bass guitar. She has recorded her first CD album "Breakthrough" and donated all the proceeds of this album towards Renaissance Now 2009 Project.

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Mary Lynn Pelican received her BA degree in Elementary Education from San Jose State in 1965, taught elementary grades for 36 years, and volunteered as a choir director at Ardenwood Elementary School for the past 22 years. Since her retirement in 2005, she has been actively involved in community service in Fremont, CA. She revitalized the American Association of University Women (AAUW) while serving as president 2005-2007 and was one of four authors of the book titled "From Near Disbandment to Success, The Fremont AAUW Story". She joined the Niles (Fremont) Rotary Club in 2007, following in her dad’s footsteps of 64 years of service and perfect attendance in the Fontana Rotary Club. She participates in many local clubs and activities and finds giving back to her community very rewarding.

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soumya mitra

Originally from Kolkata, India, Soumya holds a MBA from Santa Clara University, B.Sc in Physics Honors from University of Calcutta and a B.S in Computer Science from BITS Pilani, India. Soumya works as Technical Marketing Manager at a renowned technology company and devotes his personal time as a volunteer at Renaissance Now. He is an award winning photographer. His personal website is Soumya enjoys travelling, hiking in mountains, playing guitar and reading books.

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Joseph Swenson

Joseph Swenson is from upstate New York, Philadelphia. Academically, he is a PhD in Nuclear Physics. Many years ago Joe has given up his career as Nuclear Physicist to pursue his passion in Computer technology in Silicon Valley. He works as a senior Software Engineer in Digital Content Management industry. In his spare time Joe makes music with his Blue Grass band Cleaver Smith & Swenson and runs and win ultra marathons races all over California. Joe is a long time friend, well wisher and advisor of Renaissance Now projects.

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Dr. Bhaskar Chaudhari is a professor emeritus from Florida International University, Miami; member of Rotary Club Niles (Fremont) and past President of Miami Kendall Rotary Club. Bhaskar is a philanthropist and visits India every year to provide help to Indian underprivileged children, orphanages and schools.

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Shirley Gilbert is a Canadian citizen and, after graduating from journalism school in Toronto, joined a Canadian Daily that transferred her to Japan as a Foreign Correspondent. She was lucky enough to live in Japan for 11 years where she wrote many stories, covered two Olympic Games, learned to bow and speak Japanese a little, and came to love sushi and that country. She returned to America and the Bay Area and joined Hewlett-Packard where she was Director of Employee Communications when she left in 2000 after 22 years of service. She then worked as Director of Internal Communications for Xilinx. The glue that sticks all her activities together is writing. She loves to write professionally and enjoys writing for herself as well. She is married to Arnold, the very best of men, and has two great children and two fabulous grandchildren. She has been very fortunate in her life and would like to give back to the community of artists who were so generous to her.

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simon robertson

Simon Robertson is an artist and game designer from Oakland, CA. He is the founder of the independent game design company SideHatch Studios. Simon has a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Digital Art and Animation with a special focus on Game Design and Interactivity. He has developed educational/serious games and interactive environments to create social change. Additionally, Simon has worked as a designer in the magazine industry and created strong community websites in the Bay Area. Currently, he teaches a multimedia course to Bay Area high school students through the SMASH Academy.

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Vincent Jones, a California native, grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area and is currently a sophomore at Middlebury College. Jones has a long history of serving the community and his leadership and civic service efforts have been recognized by various organizations including The Alameda County Alliance for Civic Engagement, The Viola Blythe Foundation, Bank of America, Lockheed Martin, and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Along with presiding over the Black Student Union in high school, Vincent served on the regional and state boards for the California Association of Student Councils as the Bay Area Development Director and Newsletter Editor respectively. Jones has a keen appreciation for the arts and was involved with the Peninsula Teen Opera in addition to his school’s award winning choir and drama program.

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Hi my name is Rolly Bhatnagar and I am a senior in Irvington High School. I am hard-working and love to give back to society. Through Renaissance Now, I am helping unpriviliged artists all over the world and trying to improve their quality of life.

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Anh is originally from Vietnam. He immigrated to the U.S. in 1998 with his parents and sister. Being from a third world country, he understands the privileges of the modern world are not ubiquitous which is why he is dedicated to activism, education, and philanthropy. Anh has an A.A. in Fashion Design from F.I.D.M., worked as a designer and patternmaker. He is currently pursuing a degree in Communications. Deeply inspired by all aspects of art, he enjoys sketching, painting, performing music, literature, etc.

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