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Renaissance Now Corporation levels the playing field for talented underprivileged artists
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What do we do?  
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  What do we do?
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Our Mission statement
Elevate underprivileged artists and their communities, around the world, out of poverty.

Why do we do it?
There are millions of poor artists and artisans around the world whose only livelihood is to make small handicrafts and objects of folk art. They do not have any formal training, proper tools or any sales outlet. They make their art sitting on the floor at the corner of their hut, and then peddle them at a farmer’s market or street corner. Life is tough, and they can barely make enough living for two square meals a day.

Surprisingly there is a huge market for their product. Glitzy upscale stores sell such handicrafts at a premium price and the middlemen suppliers who buy those art pieces directly from the artists make a handsome profit. However, the unsung artists or artisans remain forever in the darkness of illiteracy and poverty. Renaissance Now, a non-profit public charity, has been formed to help such underprivileged artists and artisans around the world to make themselves self sufficient and earn a fair market value for their art pieces. Renaissance Now also works actively to preserve the essence of their folk art heritages, which are at risk of fading away with the poverty of the artists and artisans , while also teaching them new techniques to further enhance their artwork.

Why is art so important?
Art is very important to some people, while for some, it has little value. If the same question is asked about happiness, the answer will be unequivocal -- happiness is invaluable. People spend a fortune to experience this illusive feeling, but does art bring happiness too? If we stop for a moment and think does a beautiful painting or music uplifts our heart, we will immediately understand the tangible value of art. Art makes us happy. It makes both the artist and the connoisseur happy. When we are caught in a drab situation we spontaneously start doodling. Perhaps our subconcious brain seeks happiness and a refuge in this simple artistic activity. Art is ingrained in the human brain even from the early prehistoric ages. It prompted prehistoric man to pick up a piece of charcoal and draw amazing cave paintings which still touch our hearts. Art survives the time, crosses national borders, language barriers and all religious beliefs. Art stimulates our mind, the right side of the brain. It is no coincidence that almost every brilliant mind in this world practices some form of art. Can any other human activity claim to be more subtle than, yet as impactful as, art?

How do we help artists?

  • We provide artists with free tools of their trade.
  • Organize free workshops on tools and art techniques.
  • Teach them modern marketing techniques.
  • Help them to develop new products based on international fashion trends and demand.
  • Organize road shows to display and promote their products at various locations.
  • Display and sell their products on-line through the Renaissance Now website gallery.
  • Provide free publicity for the artist by hosting artists profiles on our website.
  • Help them sell more by connecting them directly with customers and boutiques, bypassing all middlemen.
  • Establish regional training centers, workshops, and sales outlets for the artists' communities, which will provide sustainable education and assistance for them.
More about Renaissance Workshop
We design custom training programs for helping the artisan community, based on their skills. Our training programs are directed towards product development & designs, product marketing, organizing marketing seminars, and business management. We directly work with the artists, and we have no partnerships with NGOs (Non Government Organization) or affiliations with any Government agencies of any country. All our activities are funded by donations and managed by Renaissance Tribe volunteers.

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