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Suvoshree reporting from Kolkata  
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Name: Kalpana Das
Address: Kalpana katha stich, Vill: Noabad, Post: Kundola, Dist: Birbhum, India ( West Bengal )
Age 42 years old
Type of Art: Batic, kathastich, work on saree, salwar,Panjabi etc
Experience 25 years
Who taught is Art? Family tradition. Batic is self taught and stiches are taught by Grandmother.
How long it takes? 6 month to 1 year
Equipments needed for this art?  Needles, colored threads, different color dyes, and silk and fabrics.
What assistance the artist will receive from RenaissanceNow? She wants her products to be featured Renaissance on-line gallery. She needs publicity and marketing assistance to get orders from different parts of the World.
Suvoshree is junior high school student and a active member of Renaissance tribe. She spends her personal time to help underprivileged artists and artisans living in and around Kolkata. She is actively interviewing and photographing underprivileged talented artist of Kolkata and West Bengal for Renaissance Now.
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